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Google sekarang memperingatkan pengguna Chrome dari situs web tersebut

Google Chrome is one of the most preferred web browsers available in the market today. The browser by the tech giant is easy to use and packs some useful features which make it the most sought after browser. Google has always rolled out timely updates and features for its browser so that it can give the users an enhanced web surfing experience.

Now, the tech giant is all set to introduce another nifty feature for Chrome which will make the browser more secure for the end-users. Google is expected to roll out the Chrome 71 update in December this year and with the update, the browser will wary the users of the websites which might charge them without their consent.

With the Chrome 71, the browser will show the users a warning regarding the web pages that provide incomplete mobile subscription information. The warning page will further present the users with the option to either proceed with the action or go back without making any move further.

The warning notification presented by Chrome will read “The page ahead may try to charge you money”. The information was revealed by a Chromium blog post and as per the post, upon identifying any of such webpage which does not have proper billing information, the users will be presented by the aforementioned warning. The new feature will be available for both the desktop as well as the Android version of Google Chrome.

Besides, the Chromium 71 will further remove all the requests such as ads and new window requests from the websites which automatically redirect the users to other pages. Many of the unsafe websites trick the users into clicking malicious links or ads which are run by scammers which further allow the attackers to steal a user’s personal data. With the new Chromium 71 on the way, we can expect a safe online surfing experience.

The Chromium 71 will further remove the ads on the websites so that a user is not redirected to any other page automatically without their consent. This will in turn help the browser to deliver an enhanced user experience.


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